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CatCave9: “Winner” merch design

CatCave9: Science Monologue & Longform

Nichola Plowman (…) in the CatCave9 science guest spot in CC9E03 on March 17, 2016 @ Cinema Oblo, Lausanne. Edited by: Alex Seeholzer  

Short film: Fed Up (2016)

ICGenealogy: Instructional video

Instructional video for Editing and screen recording: Alex Seeholzer Writing: Alex Seeholzer, William Podlaski Voice-over: GavinVoice (Fiverr)

Short film: Handmade (2015)

Fun with matplotlib pcolormesh: getting data&ticks to display in the right position

This is not the first time I try to get this done correctly, hopefully it will be the last. I do not like the indirect control of matplotlib’s imshow,…