Gephi plugin development on OSX 10.8

If you’re trying to follow┬áto setup a basic Gephi plugin environment in Netbeans on OSX 10.8 with JDK 1.7 you might run into some of these nice errors

[code lang=”java”]
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: apple.awt.ComponentModel

when trying to run Gephi. This prevents any opengl graphics from being displayed, which makes development of plugins a bit hard.

According to this source this can be circumvented by reverting to JDK 1.6, i.e. go to this page, download and install JDK 1.6 and change the version used in Netbeans.

To do this go to properties of your Gephi-plugins project and add a new java distribution. The JDK1.6 will be located in

This should then fix that error.

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  1. Helped me right now, thanks!

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