Today I decided to switch back to delicious bookmarks from Evernote, which I’ve been using a while now, but turned out to be just too slow for quick on the fly bookmarking. Only there was no obvious way of exporting from Evernote in a file format that preserved my tags upon import in delicious.

To solve this, I wrote a first version of a xsl stylesheet to parse the enex xml format you get as exort from Evernote to a Netscape Bookmark file which is compatible with delicious.

[code lang=”xml”]





get convert.xsl here

In the generated file, add the !DOCTYPE in the first line, just as a precaution, although it should probably work without.
[code lang=”html”][/code]

Mind the date is still parsed in iso format, although delicious apparently expects a unix timestamp, so the date will be ruined upon import. Feel free to fix it, I couldn’t figure out how to parse from iso to unix in xsl, and didn’t want to put more time into it.